Darn…..A Saturday night and I missed my flight home by literaly 5 minutes.  Called the agent when I arrived at La Guardia to let her know that I was running if she could possibly wait until the last minute to shut the door.  Sometimes, actually more often than not, they close the doors early when everyone is onboard.  Everyone that is except non-revs.  Non-Revs, that would be me.  When you fly on a pass (free) you are called a Non-Revenue passenger.  Some of us employees are nice to each other and do our best to help one another and some do not. I don’t think this agent cared one iota that I was running for the “last flight of the night to Nashville.”  When I got to the gate, I could see the aircraft out the window.  The jetbridge door was closed and locked so I proceeded to take my key out, open the door, and sprint to the end of the jetbridge.  I should say at this time I am pushing it just a little.  Once the door is closed to the terminal that is suppose to be the signal to anyone  and everyone that the flight is gone, closed out, on its way, look for a blanket or a hotel.  When I get half way down the jetbridge the agent starts yelling “It’s gone, had to close the door, couldn’t hold it.”  She had closed the door 10 minutes before departure, which is certainly within her rights to do and is often done.  I stopped in my tracks said #$#&^* to myself, and then ” Ok thank you for trying” to the agent.  Do I believe she tried to help me?  #&%# no, but that is the way that I handle things today, except for the unlocking the door and running down the jetbridge part, I probably shouldn’t have done that.  But for the most part I try to accept the the things I cannot change.  I used to run the show in all aspects of my life, and then notify God if I needed some help.  That type of thinking got me into alot of trouble.  My friends in recovery pointed out to me a page in the AA book which talks all about acceptance and how it holds the key to all of my problems today.  Accepting that things are exactly as they are suppose to be at any given moment.  Really?  Was I suppose to miss my flight?  Still not sure.  I am on a plane home this morning, and missed church….was that God’s plan?  Surely not.  Then I also think about James 4 where it talks about “You do not have because you do not ask. ”  I stop again dead in my tracks.  Did I ask God to allow me to make my flight home?  I called the agent and asked….I was pro-active, right?  But did I ask the living God, the one who controls my every breath?  Truth is …  In all my rush I did not talk to the one who truly is the key to all my problems today.  Would he have answered me?  Of course he would.  He may have said “No my plan for you is to spend the night here at this stinky, lousy, crowed  La Guardia Airport tonight.”  Or he may have held that door to the American Eagle plane and rolled out the Red Carpet.  I won’t know, because I didn’t ask.  My lesson today was and is, turn to God first in ALL things, then accept his answer.  Blessings Friends!

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