Chapter 1 Continued/My Story

We arrived home without incident.  Daddy driving and me in the back with hot rod.  That’s the current name we call Cole, there have been many through the years.  We lived in Nashville across from the beautiful Christ Church at a subdivision called The Woodlands.  Our address was Nashville, but we were close enough to the more prestigious Brentwood that in a stretch you could say we lived in BHAHHHHRENTWOOOOD.  Prestige was much more important to me back then.  But moving right along…..  So today, we are bringing home our new bundle, to our new home, and I think we even had a new truck.  Right now I can’t even tell you what kind it was.  I’m sure if I asked Todd he could tell me the make,model, and year.  Guys always know that kind of stuff.  We walk into our home and the two Himalayan  kittens are there to meet us.  They are brothers that were a gift from Todd and Carla (my sister-in-law).  We actually drove to Carthage TN, home of Al Gore, just thought I’d throw that in , to purchase a kitten from a breeder.  Yes I did say a kitten, but when we arrived there, the breeder had two kittens left in the litter.  We only had money for one kitten.  Oh I forgot to mention that Carla had come along for the ride, and to help us pick out said kitten.  Singular, one, yes one kitten.  I was trying to choose when Carla says “How much for the pair”?  We rode home with two beautiful Flame Point Himalayans.  Todd sneezed the whole way home.  We named them Elvis and Presley.  E & P met us at the door and when we sat Cole down on the floor in his car seat, the introductions began.  The boys or E & P as we called them began to sniff  Cole, the blankets, his car seat, and then it happened.  Cole let out a whaale that could clear a room.  We didn’t see E & P for the next hour or so.  And what started the loud outburst from our bundle?  Mama’s you guessed it, time for lunch.  Oh I had so much to learn, and it all started that first day home from the hospital.  I had decided to breast feed and Cole had taken well to the idea.  So I took him to his pretty perfectly decorated room, sat down in the rocker and proceeded to do my mommy duty.  This time didn’t seem as easy as in the hospital with all the nurses to help me.  None the less, boy was fed after about an hour or so.  Then he slept for about, oh and hour or so and we started over.  Later that evening the calvery showed up in the form of a beautiful white headed lady that the other grand children affectionately called Gaga.  Gaga is Todd’s mom and my mothere-in-law.  I hear horror stories from my friends about their mother in laws, but for me, God blessed me with a mother-in-law that I call mom.  She has been a true gift in my life and the things that she has taught me, have become priceless.  First and foremost, her relationship with God was something that for years I couldn’t understand.  I believed that it was possible to have a faith in God that was above everything else, but I never imagined that God would have that with me.  A few years later, I would become desperate for God, and only then would I find that kind of faith.





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