We Don’t Shoot Our Wounded

I was reminded this week of something said to me a few years back in a very dark time. I was in what treatment centers call the chronic stage of my alcoholism. My husband was working with John Hagee Ministries at the time, and their family had become like family to us. I received a phone call from Diana Hagee. She asked me if I would like to come stay with them a while. I wasn’t doing anything but getting drunk, so I said sure…haha. I actually was very nervous and scared. These were very important people in our lives and also my husbands boss. How could I let them see the truth? Looking back, I’m sure they knew the truth anyway, it wasn’t too hard to see back then. So I arrive in San Antonio, TX and Diana picks me up at the airport. She doesn’t send an employee or anyone else, she picked me up herself. I cried and talked with her on the way to their home. God had sent me a mentor and friend. She said something to the effect that “Now I know more, I can care more”. I settled into their spare bedroom. I still couldn’t believe they had brought this mess into their home. They must not know how bad I really am. That evening at dinner Pastor Hagee took my face in his hands and said 5 simple words “We don’t shoot our wounded”. In the month that I would stay in their home, I came to know a very different family than I expected. After all, this is a TV Pastor. He has books to write, people to see. Important people. He can’t be so willing to help me. There’s many other souls to save out there. Why me? He must not know how sick I am. I have many stories to share with you in the coming days about my stay with the Hagee family and how God used them to bless me. I will also share about how my self will, got in the way…..

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