Disaster in a Treatment Center/Conclusion

Ok when we left off I was running like h..e…double hockey sticks from a Super Rama clerk. I swing my backpack around front and start throwing the beers over my shoulder, meanwhile still trying to keep pace. I can’t believe I’m still in front of her, then it happens. I hear sirens coming from somewhere but I don’t see anything, at this point I have crossed a field and headed across a street. Halfway across the street, the police car appears seemingly out of nowhere I run right in front of it, luckily they hit the brakes. I stop and the officer gets out of the car, just then Super Rama Super Clerk appears. She tells the officer that I have stolen beer from the store. I show him my backpack and tell him she is crazy…..there’s definitely a crazy person in his presence but unfortunately for me it is not the clerk.
After a short look through the field the officer returns with the evidence, and I’m handcuffed a half block away from the treatment center. I was charged with theft and assault. Apparently when I threw the beer over my shoulder it was assault on the clerk. Whatever the charges I’m sure I deserved it and more. Oh yeah just in case you are wondering why I didn’t just buy the beer, beer is cheap right? I wasn’t allowed to have money at the treatment center, so an alcoholic like me will always find a way. I wish I could say things ended here, and got better. Unfortunately I continued in this life of hell for quite some time. My friends and family continued to pray for me, and God never left me, even on all those dark days that I left him.

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