Disaster in a Treatment Center Part II

So one day go bolting across the street with my fake Louis Vuitton backpack on to the Super Rama and the Beer isle. Once inside I really don’t remember seeing anyone. No store clerk, no other shoppers, all I saw was my next fix. Yes I know it was only beer, but when you are an alcoholic in the middle of the madness, beer is just fine. I found my beer and loaded the backpack. I was just about to exit the front door of Super Rama when I hear “Excuse me Miss”? No response from me, so she says it again. In the excitement I somehow trip on one of those big red Rug Doctor machines. I struggle with the dumb thing for what seems forever, then finally break through and scramble out the door. I take off in a run, the opposite direction of the treatment center. Then I glance behind me, and holy moly here comes the store clerk
making tracks right behind me. What is she going for Super Rama clerk of the month or something, it’s only beer.
I knew I was sunk because she was built like a runner, and at that time I was built like Bud Light. I had to think fast….

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