Disaster in a Treatment Center

Buffalo Valley Treatment Center in Lewisburg TN was I believe my 4th treatment. So you might be thinking, she was in four treatment centers? No it was actually in 6. I will say it for you, Oh good Lord! There are a lot of OGL in this story, so I will spare you and just tell the story. Buffalo Valley had 2 houses where the patients were housed. The main house where the staff also had offices, and another house 2 doors down which housed only patients. I was assigned to the patient only house. Across from that house was a Super Rama Grocery Store, and a Dollar Store. I made it about 2 weeks into treatment, and the Super Rama started calling my name. We were warned from day one if we left the property, we would be asked to leave treatment, but I wasn’t going to get caught. I started slipping across the street, between classes, to the Super Rama and stealing beer. Yes I said stealing. Yes I know OML!!! Please come back for my conclusion, it gets better….or worse……..

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