Losing Moses

This past Saturday our German Shepherd passed away, he would have been 12. I have to be honest, I have read many posts through the past few years of Facebook about deaths of animals and sometimes thought “Enough already, just move on, it’s a dog”
Wow…I am eating my words this week. I feel so sad. My house is so quiet. My 16-year-old son says “Mom I’m Ok”. But, I see it in his eyes…
We purchased Moses when he was 2 months old from a breeder in Kentucky. Cole was 5 and he had asked us for a “puppy that didn’t take batteries”. The bond that grew between those 2 over the past 11 years is something I can probably never understand, but as a mother, I can tell you what I have felt. Peace knowing when he went outside that there was that extra set of eyes and ears…..really big ears at that! Joy watching them play ball. Comfort watching Cole lay partly on top of him when he was sick and needed that extra love. Then there was the puppy days of cutting teeth…..on my kitchen cabinet. Oh and the time I came home and he had eaten the Hot Tub Cover, yes really, he did.
So here I am today, I guess just like those I have criticized in the past, I am missing our Sweet Moses and wishing with all I have, that we could have had him forever.
God thank you for the time we had this precious animal in our lives. We are praying and asking for another friend for our family. We trust that you will allow that to happen in your own perfect timing.
We love you Moses. Thank you for being the perfect dog for us, and for protecting and serving our family. You did good

Protected and Served Our Family  2002-2013
Protected and Served Our Family 2002-2013

One thought on “Losing Moses

  1. Sheryl payne December 31, 2013 / 8:20 pm

    You made me cry yet again. Love reading your life! I’m dreading the day we loose an animal. Whether it be our horse or dog first they might need to bury me with it. I feel for you my friend and prayers that each day gets easier and memories last FOREVER. We are PAYNES we can make it!


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