My Month With The Hagee Family II

When we left off I was picking the brain of one of the most gifted, anointed Pastors that I know. Oh yeah and, forgetting every word he said. I’m grateful that he has authored many books that I can reference these days when I am actually trying to listen. I’m also reminded of a sermon by T.D. Jakes. He was talking about how we need to look at today as the “good times”. It so easy to get caught up in looking back and saying “oh that was so great, that opportunity is the best I will ever have, too bad I didn’t see it”.
He was talking about, I think, living in today. Enjoying what we have today. Yes I just finished Chemo and yes it’s been an HE double hockey sticks kind of a year. But I’m also 45 years old. I’m alive, and I have a lot of time left, hopefully, to serve God, love and serve my family, and enjoy what God has blessed me with. Yes I’ve had great times in the past, but I plan on having many more! God has blessed me with some gifts. I don’t want to waste those. Again back to the story. Here is where it was proposed to me the opportunity to participate in a weekend retreat called The Encounter. Again, I had nothing else to do so Ok what the heck. Looking back I would love to experience that again. You see I was still caught up so deeply in self will, that I wasn’t open to what God had for me. I was concerned with, how I dressed, where I would sleep, would I fit in, all the things that I see today are so NOT important at all. The day came and I packed up for the weekend. The Encounter takes place at the Tarpley Ranch property owned by the Ministry, I believe, and used for different events associated with the church. When I arrived at the property I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t the beautiful facility that I walked into. I had heard the words like lodge, bunkhouse, and kind of pictured us all huddled outside with a fire holding hands singing cum by ya……..that is not anything like what I found at Tarpley.


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