Will I ever get out….

Listened to a dear young women at the jail  cry her heart out, about life, her past mistakes and how she is so depressed she cannot even describe it.  This jail is a county jail where inmates are suppose to be housed for the “short term”. This young women, Stephanie, has been there for close to 3 years.  Her charges are drug/alcohol related as are most of the women here. Because of the overcrowding in the Nashville prison, she has been housed in the county facility her entire sentence.  In the jail it is not like we sometimes see on TV.  No TV’s here, no books unless religious, and no outdoors for recreation time. Recreation, when offered is in a small room with a concrete floor that the women can walk in circles if they like.   Stephanie has not seen the light of day for over 2 years. Seems unfair to me for a women who is guilty of the Disease of Alcoholism…….What are your thoughts?  

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