The Aging Fleet…

No I’m not talking about an airplane…I’m talking about me!  I and many others are the aging fleet.  When I was hired 22 years ago at 19, we graduated 50 Flight Attendants a week from training.  We were big time and growing, growing, growing.  Fast forward to 911…Most airlines have not hired in any decent numbers since then, so if I see a 20 something flight attendant on my plane, I will know I’m on the wrong plane.  Advantages to this are my excellent experience…there’s probably not much I haven’t seen…Disadvantages all that wrinkle cream in my suitcase…it is soooooo heavy…oh and support hose, and orthepedic shoes… I Love Flying!!!

2 thoughts on “The Aging Fleet…

  1. Julie June 23, 2010 / 1:52 pm

    Lori, whatever you are doing, it is working for you!! Whenever I mention your name, without fail, they say, “OH, you mean the real pretty girl?” And I say, “Yes! That’s the one. I love her!”

    I love the confidence you exude that comes only with experience. That includes your profession as well as everyday living.


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