I Write With Tears

Listening to Dr. Charles Stanley, I am once again reminded how awful it would be if toward the end of life, you suddenly discover that God had given you a gift, a purpose in life, and you never used it. Dr. Stanley called it ending your life with a big fat 0!  Wow a 0….As tears come to my eyes, very easily these days it seems, I realize at 47 years of age I don’t want this to happen to me.  I have failed so many times in my life.  Lord, I don’t want to fail you.  And so, here I am, and I write.  I write with pain in my gut that is sometimes so strong I feel it will burst.  You know where my pain comes from God.  I know where it comes from too……and that is why I write again, with tears ……So here I begin my story….with hurt in my heart and fear that is so strong it can only be conquered through surrender to the Lord….So again here it is the story of how God used this broken messed up life, to show just how far his grace will go…..

In the days to come I will begin to share my story. I appreciate your prayers as I share the parts of my story that are the hardest to share.  Therefore

I Write With Tears


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