How Do You Turn a Mobile Home Over?

My Mom Could Do Anything! One of my earliest and scariest memories happened when I was about 4. We lived in a trailer in Las Cruces NM. It was me, my sister who was 6yrs older than me, and my mom and dad. I was adopted before I was born. Dad was a truck driver, and mom stayed at home with my sister and I. One day when my dad was gone and my sister was at school, there was an awful storm. I can remember it bMy Momeing very dark and load noises like tree limbs breaking and lightning flashing everywhere. Then it happened. Things started flying, dishes breaking, pictures coming off the walls…mom and I flying though the air and finally resting on what had been the side of the trailer. Things are a little foggy here, but I remember my mom picking me up and running her hands all over my body checking for injury. She herself was bleeding from her knees where she crawled across glass to get to me. Then mom smelled something that made her move quickly. Mom somehow got me and her out of the trailer. Then another neighbor lady appeared to help. The wind was still blowing horribly, and it was pouring rain. My mom and the lady found the butane tank laying on its side. Mom somehow knew how to shut the butane tank off. This is where I black out. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up at the neighbor ladies house. I’m still not sure how they turned our trailer back upright…..   Here I am in my Dads work boots in that same trailor before the accident.  You can see my sister doing dishes behind me. 20120823-080456.jpg

2 thoughts on “How Do You Turn a Mobile Home Over?

  1. Racheal August 23, 2012 / 1:18 pm

    I’ve never heard this story! How scary that must have been. I’m glad Aunt Margaret had the presence of mind & know how to turn that tank off. So glad to be able to read your stories. Take care!


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